"Sharing is Loving"

We love to share with active members of our community. "Members Rewards Program" has been started to give something back to our members who have been actively involved in sharing their life through photos, videos, blog posts with allindians.com community.

5000 pts - Win a T-Shirt

Get a exclusive T-Shirt from Allindians.com with your name written over it. Once you have accumulated 5000 points in your account, you can redeem them by ordering a T-shirt from us for FREE. Here are some of the available colors to choose from: White, black, Gray...
1000 pts - Get Featured

We will feature your profile on Homepage for a whole week. Only 5 members can have featured status, so your profile will be displayed randomly. Featured profiles attract more visitors to your page, so this is a chance to become more popular.
500 pts - Featured Blog

We will publish your blog profile on Blogs page for one week. Get your message across the community as we have found featured blogs get flooded with hits by our members.
100 pts - Featured Photos

Get featured on the Photos page for a day once you have accumulated 100 points. This is best for newbie and veteran photographers and will communicate your feelings to whole community.
More Offers - coming soon

We are actively looking out for sponsors, adverstisers and corporates to sponsor prizes for active members of the community. Keep an eye on this space for more offers.