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Bizarrely, the World's largest sperm bank in the World is the "California Cryobank" in the United States of America.India and China have the world's largest population ,but,surprisingly both are not the World's largest Sperm bank safe, the title going to America.
In the U.S.A, a "PhD" holder gets approx 500US$'s for an ejaculation at a "Sperm Bank" while a college degree holder with a minimum height of 176cms gets approx U.S $'s 160/ejaculation. Each donor is limited to a maximum of 20 to 25 children..The donation can be for a maximum time period of 2 years and an average donor can earn approx U.S $'s 60,000 during that 2 year period of sperm donation.There are a total of 675 sperm banks in the U.S.A..A bizarre co-incidence in the present economic downturn could be the rush by unemployed professionals to the Sperm banks for earning an income, plagiarism from the bold movie, "VICKY DONOR".

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