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You may have been holding on to what has caused you pain.

Make a new choice. Choose to move beyond the things and people who have not honored the truth of who you are. Once you make the choice, the Universe will give you something better.

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Happy Marriage

I didn't know it when I got married, but in retrospect I know it's important to have the same basic values. If you're a free spender, marry somebody who understands that. If you're frugal, you need to marry somebody who understands that, because money is one of the stumbling blocks in marriages. Fortunately we have the same values on most thngs.

Because of this, we really don't argue. And we really don't agonize over things. We come to our decisions just by realizing that we usually have the same goals.

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A King And His Sons

There was once a king who had two sons. When he grew old and close to death, he sent for his sons.

"I want you to ride your horse to Jerusalem. The one whose horse arrives last will inherit everything I own."

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Birbal and Moghul Emperor Akbar

Birbal was jester, counselor, and fool to the great Moghul emperor, Akbar. The villagers loved to talk of Birbal's wisdom and cleverness, and the emperor loved to try to outsmart him.

One day Akbar, the emperor, drew a line across the floor.

"Birbal," he ordered, "you must make this line shorter. But you cannot erase any bit of it!"

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Meg Robinson

I was driving home late at night when I started to fall asleep. I was roused by a deep male voice coming from behind my right shoulder.

The voice simply called my first name sternly. I felt as if the voice were familiar, but i couldn't quite place it.

I pulled over and rolled down my window as I realized what had just happened. It was a really weird feeling. I felt as if someone very familiar who knew me really well had just saved me from crashing.

I still struggle with believing in God, but the memory of this simple event comforts me.

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Sister Malachy Hannigan

I'm a 1906 girl born in ireland with seven siblings during the potato famine, but we weren't the only ones who were hungry. We were taught not to eat any food until the other people could get what they needed.

My mother said that if you just be kind and give, you will find happiness.

When I came to America in 1924, I worked at our st. francis day home for children in chinatown. We taught the children how to share and to be kind to another.

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I am blessed with truly wonderful friends. Some date back to school, and others from university. Making friends comes naturally but keeping them requires some real work. I call and e-mail them frequently. And every year I write them a simple note that says, "I love you, and I am fortunate to have you in my life. It's my way of keeping the friendships alive.

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There are always the things I'm always at risk of losing. The one thing I refuse to lose is my intergrity.
It's the one thing I totally control and one thing you can never replace. for me, that means staying true to my word and myself.

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Rewards Of Self_Reward

My mother raised me and taught me many lessons. One lesson that remain with me was to always believe in myself and to have good reasons for doing so.

She reinforced the value of personal validation through actions and behaviors over external validations through the accumulation of stuff and rewards.

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Full of powerful antioxidants grapes are effetive detoxifiers for liver, kidneys, digestive system.

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