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MaiShuai: old offense retain eighty percent rocket priority rebound

According to the American sportsugg boots
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buy ugg boots electric network reporter Chris damrong phidej reports, the rockets's new boss Kevin McHale team to the targets set very practical, he said: "we're going to the playoffs!"

And than in the past, this is a completely different the rockets. Their different, not only in their most popular star yao Ming has retired due to injury, little Brooks is also in the middle of last season trading contract, more in theirugg boots
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buy ugg boots coaching staff has a new sound. In two consecutive season after the playoffs, the rockets fired from the coaching here four years of coach rick adelman.

Now, McHale, together with a young, inexperienced team, their first goal is to kill into the playoffs, and then is to go as far as possible some. In fact, McHale itself, he is also the coach "novice", coaching streak is not much,ugg boots
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buy ugg boots historical record is not good. Obviously, the rockets are hoping that takes a different road, and gave them the emergence of McHale of opportunities to do so.

In an interview with local radio station, the new season McHale several major questions answered radio reporter's question--

The rockets this season is the goal of the???????

McHale: the playoffs, this is our goal. None is not possible, look at last season's Memphis it. They beat SAN Antonio in the first round,moncler jackets outlet
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moncler womens jackets the second round and the thunder dragged into a game 7. So, as long as the playoffs, you give yourself a chance. I don't know that in 66 games competition schedule, how many-to make the playoffs, but we need to win as many games. If we can play very well, if we can MeiQiu will be divided, so usually have a good result. Instead,moncler jackets outlet
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moncler womens jackets we can only accept the advent of bad luck.

To achieve such a goal, the rockets need to strengthen what aspects?

McHale: I don't know that we will not increase the players, but we must do better on defense. To become a rebounding better team, the past two seasons, we ranked the rebounds in just 18 to 20 so, we must increase, this means that on buy nike free
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cheap nike free shoesthe field of the five players must try to fighting rebound. We are not the tallest of big teams, but I'll tell the players, if you weren't high enough, you'll spell some more. As a shape the slender player, I like to meet this challenge, that's my personal advantage in player period, but our team players many not of this style, so we have to learn how to use thecheap air max jordans
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air max jordan 13 body to create space. By watching the video team last season, I think we play was too brittle, too many times in the opponents straight inside, and some player movement is not reasonable, largely destroyed the defense team. As for the offensive, is relatively easy, to create the space, and actively pass. As long as you take these two points, cheap air max jordans
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jordan fusion shoeshave the ability to end the players to shooting, I believe that our team has some of players like that.

If the rockets will change the style of the game?

McHale: we will have certain change, rick (rick adelman) is a unique coach and his that set of system almost no the second man complete mastery. So, I say the attack might save 75% to 80% of the old system, this also is to take care cheap air jordans
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buy air jordansof most of the habit of players, they have better understand that tactics. I myself am a speed of the big guy, and I think we must oppression opponent, speed, and the body should do. Our big man can run, scola (the Po), patterson and hill, they want to run up on the court, into some of the more easy ball. There will be some different, I won't be the buy nike free
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cheap nike free shoescoach rick adelman as a manager, I am who I am. I respect his offense, but I also value defensive, rebounds, the pressure from opponents, for teammate creation space, ball movement, this is something I want to emphasize.

Previously, there had been no in the lockout-shortened season coaching experience, for you, this is a difficult challenge?

McHale: so I tell you, in a normal seasonchristian louboutin
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christian louboutin discount, you have 28 days training camp time, you always want to busy to solve such problems, now all the time is compressed, as a coach, Cheap tiffany jewelry
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Tiffany Silveraffirmation insecurity will add some. You may always worried about some things. I have to measure your players to the task, you decorate too much, they can't cheap shox
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nike air shoxgo on the pitch to hit, I know that once they can put open, so no matter offense and defense will be fluent, and that's exactly what I want. So, I'm not going to give them too much task. Basketball is like life, you can't do 50 things at once, and that, as you events tocheap shox
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nike air shox do them one by one. Now the top priority, is rebounding, especially frontcourt rebounds, it needs more players involved in the challenge. Time, even if we have 28 days of training camp, I will say that time is our most important things. Coach always hope to have more time with the team, let training to solve some problems.

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